Friday, November 16, 2018

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Thurs Nov 15 Grade 10 project link here.

French 10

Your video is due on or before Friday.  Post it into Fresh Grade AND into padlet.  Click here for padlet.
Students finished up their projects which are due tomorrow.  Some students did their speaking test.  The rest of us will do it tomorrow.

French 12

We played "who am I" in French.  We then took notes on question making, questions words and structure.  See the notes below.  

We used the statement "Ben mange trop de pizza" to make questions with as many of the question options and words as possible from the notes above.
Ben mange trop de pizza, n'est-ce pas?
Pourquoi est-ce que Ben mange trop de pizza?
Combien de pizza est-ce que Ben mange? 
Qui mange trop de pizza?

We then enriched the lessons for those who were ready, showing the difference between Qu'est-ce que/ quel and quoi.

Homework is to take a simple statement, Cody use the one below, and to ask any twelve questions with and about it.
"Harry est un sourcier."

French 8

We did the music speaking test today while students made flash cards for the unit.  Homework is the first page of the handout, label in French including un/une/des.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

miércoles, el 14 de noviembre.


Today we had time to work on our creative projects and to write about chapter two of Esperanza. At the end of class we went over the conjugation of -ar verbs in the present tense:

Ar verbs.

We already know quite a few verbs ending in -ar. Trabajar, nadar, patinar, pintar, hablar…

To conjugate -ar verbs we replace the -ar with the appropriate ending. I’ll use trabajar as an example

Trabajar- to work

Yo trabajo I work
trabajas you work
Él/ella/Usted trabaja he/she/you(form) work

nosotros trabajamos we work
Vosotros trabajáis y’all work
Ellos/ Ellas/Uds trbajan They/ You (pl, form) work

So “we help” would be, “nosotros ayudamos

For homework do the workbook p37# 14 and 15

Wednesday Nov 14

French 8

We practiced heavily for tomorrow's music test.  We then continued to work in the G and V on pages 28, 29.  We did a homework check for activities 3 and 4 and then finished #5 as a group.  We marked it as a class.  On loose-leaf paper, students created the following for use in class on Thursday after the music test or on Friday.

French 10  

We practiced for the music test on Friday and worked on our projects.

French 12

We created an artist statement for our art de paroles.  We then discussed our direction with grammar and in our Canadian project.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday Nov 13

French 12

Our word art on our values is due tomorrow at the end of class.

French 8

We reviewed what we have learned in the chapter so far.  We did a speaking activity with Brooklyn.   We then worked more with Aller.  Homework is from the G and V which you can access online on a tab near the top of this blog.

French 10

We worked on our projects, the writing was a priority today.  We did a peer edit at 2:10 and continued working, editing and asking questions.  It is due on Friday.  The music test is moved to Friday.

Nos Canadiens

Cliquez ici.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Jueves el 8 de noviembre

 There is a test tomorrow. We spent most of the week going over things from the test and getting into chapter two of Esperanza. We'll also keep working on this book tomorrow and start a creative project.

For the test you need to know.
  • La Fecha (the date). Be able to tell the date. Also know cumpleaños (birthday), be able to say when is someones birthday.
  • Los números entre 0 y 100. Be able to write numbers between 0-100.
  • La familia. Know the different words for family members and be able to use a family tree to describe a family. Be able to talk about people in your family. For example how many cousins you have, what are their names ect...
  • Ir - to go. Be able to conjugate and use the verb ir. voy, vas, va, vamos, vais, van. 
  • El futuro. Use Ir (conjugated)+ a+ verb in infinitive to talk about the future. For example: Nosotros vamos a comer chocolate. 
  • Tener- use the verb tener(to have) to talk about age, possession and family members. For example" Yo tengo tres hijos, son muy amables.
  • Use the word de (of) to show possession
  • Possessive adjectives, use possessive adjectives to show possession (make sure the adjectives agree with whatever they are talking about). That is be able to say, my, your (formal, informal and plural, his/her, our, their). Remeber these are adverbs and must agree with what they are talking about just like colours. For example you would say "Es mi camisa negra" or "Son mis pantalones negros" (it is my black shirt, they are my black pants.)

Image result for spanish possessive adjectives

For example:
Mi abuelo- my grandfather
Mis abuelos- my grandparents
nuestros libros-our books
nuestra esperanza- our hope

You all have learned quite a bit and this test will be a good chance for you to show what you have learned.

Mucha Suerte.

Thursday Nov 8

French 10

We had music from Evan and Nick.  We practiced immensely for the music test next Thursday.

French 12

We read about 6 actions that can make you a good citizen.  We discussed values. Students should have their values picked for tomorrow, some have up to 30.  We will pare them down in class.

French 8

We had music from Kayde and Abby . We practiced immensely for the music test next Thursday.

Friday Nov 9

French 10

We started to work on getting comfortable with technology, filming, subtitling etc.  Our project, outlined below, is due NEXT Friday.

How To video OUTLINE

Les élèves vont créer une vidéo pour expliquer comment faire une activité.  Cette vidéo doit contenir le suivant:

  1. 10 à 15 étapes pour les instructions
  2. 6 à 8 verbes différents
  3. 4 objets directs (le, la, les)

Les instructions peuvent être écrits sur l’écran ou peuvent être dits par la personne dans la vidéo.   
On va partager les projets dans une visite de la galerie avec notre classe et une ou deux autres.

for Kailey
for Gurman and again

French 12

We finished going over values and then started on our word art project with the values.

French 8

We had an assembly.  We did a homework check.  Then we worked on the forms of the verb ALLER, putting them on the back of our verb chart.
We also took down places we can go to:

We did activities #5,6 and 7 in the text on pages 63-64.  Please write the answers to the first two questions of each activity if you were absent this block.
We also practiced our music questions one more time.