Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday Jan 16

Exam or final project prep in each class.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Tuesday Jan 15


We did the first page of the verb chart test in preparation for the exam.  We then went through some possible things people had written for the writing section and then again came up with what else can me on there and what else ***must be on there.  See this link.  We then did another practice reading.

Mi día

Me llamo María Pérez y tengo diecinueve años. Nací en Málaga, pero vivo en Granada. Soy estudiante de primer curso de Periodismo. De lunes a viernes me levanto a las siete y media, desayuno y camino hasta la universidad.
Entro en clase a las nueve y salgo a la una. Al medio día, como en mi casa y veo la televisión. Por la tarde, estudio hasta las siete y después quedo con mis amigas.
A nosotras nos gusta mucho el cine, el teatro y la música. Los viernes por la noche cenamos pizza y bailamos en la discoteca. Todos los sábados visito a mi familia en Málaga.
El domingo por la tarde regreso a Granada y, si hace sol, salgo con mi perro a dar un paseo. ¡Me encantan los animales!

Did you understand the text?

Please answer the following questions of understanding:
Question 1:
¿Cuántos años tiene María?
1 17
2 20
3 19
4 18
Question 2:
¿Dónde vive María?
1 En Sevilla
2 En Córdoba
3 En Málaga
4 En Granada
Question 3:
¿A qué hora entra en clase María?
1 A las 9:30
2 A las 9:00
3 A las 13:00
4 A las 7:30
Question 4:
¿Qué día visita María a su familia?
1 Los domingos
2 Los sábados
3 Los lunes
4 Los miércoles
Question 5:
¿Cuál es la mascota de María?
1 Un gato
2 Una serpiente
3 Un perro
4 Un pájaro

French 10

We did the verb chart page 1 in preparation for the exam. Students wanted me to post this picture of how to double check their tenses. We then went over page 2 for Thursday's class quiz and practiced a listening.

French 12

more work

French 8

We finished making the family trees.  We then almost finished going over the questions and the answers to play the game for the exam.  We will be practicing the game for the rest of the week except for doing page 2 of the verb chart as a quiz on Thursday.
Please note, the room colour decides the birth month(s) of the character for you to be able to answer on question 3.  This chart will be displayed in English during the test as well as a point form list of the possible questions to ask to show variety in your French.


Monday, January 14, 2019

Monday Jan 14

French 8 

Some students did the verb quiz page 1 today.  Others chose to do it tomorrow.  We then went over être and adjectives.  We also started to make our CLUE cards for the exam.  We will continue tomorrow.


We went over page 1 of the verb chart for the quiz tomorrow.  We then did a practice pronunciation and reading.  We then started to do a bit of the writing section to prep for the exam.  Finally we did a kahoot to practice our verb forms.

French 10  

We went over the first page of the verb sheet in detail and even did a practice run to get the hang of it.  We then did a bit of reflexive conjugation with the cards to practice meanings and to prepare for the writing on the exam.

French 12

More work.
for Siara
and here The homepage is this one.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Jan 11

French 12  

More project work

French 8  

We reviewed the months.  We took notes on how to say your birthday and to ask which month you are born in.
birthday = l'anniversaire (m)
Mon anniversaire est le 20 octobre.
Ton anniversaire est en quel mois?
     C'est en octobre
We then did some practice on age, hair and eye colour again.  Students chose three of the people on text page 141.  They had to write how they are related, their age, and the colour of hair and eyes they have. (of course these people look nothing like any of us, just use your imagination.)
Sample (picture B)
related:  C'est mon père.
age: Il a 41 ans.
Hair: Il a les cheveux blonds et
eyes: les yeux bleus.


Section A, Pronunciation    (10)    
short reading.  Give 5 minutes for practice.  Record and upload to Freshgrade.

Section B, Listening (10)
Hear 8 questions from beginning of the year to now.  Answer in English in writing on paper.

Section C
Verb Chart  (30)
patinar, comer, vivir, irreg yo forms, oír, ser, estar, ir, tener, gustar.
For Ser and Estar you MUST include 2 reasons for use each.
We will be quizzing the verb chart next week.  Students who score 100% on the quiz do NOT need to do the verb chart on exam day.
Tuesday is page 1.  Thursday is page 2.

Reading  (20)
Know your question words
The questions will be in Spanish.  You get 1/2 mark for a Spanish answer.  You get 1 mark for an English answer (which means you understood fully)

Writing (20)
Tell me about you. 50-60 words.  Use a wide variety of vocab and structures.

Reading practice p 148, 149

Answer the following in English (1) or in Spanish (1/2)
While doing this activity, focus on the questions, what can you understand?  What do you have to look up?  These questions are structured just like the questions on the exam.
Found in the first 4 boxes:
1. ¿Adónde va Isabel?
2. ¿Cuántas personas hablan?
3.¿De qué hablan Isabel y Ricardo?
4.¿Qué hace Ricardo después de las clases y antes de cenar?
Found in box 6
5.¿Cómo son los chicharrones in el parque?
Found in the last 2 boxes
6. ¿A quién le gusta la plaza?

Homework:  Finish the study notes you need to handle similar questions and a reading on the exam.
Study for the verb chart quiz on Tuesday.
We will be quizzing the verb chart next week.  Students who score 100% on the quiz do NOT need to do the verb chart on exam day.

Tuesday is page 1.  Thursday is page 2.

French 10

Section A:
We will be quizzing the verb chart next week.  Students who score 100% on the quiz do NOT need to do the verb chart on exam day. Page 1 is quizzed on Tuesday Jan 15.  Page 2 is quizzed on Thursday Jan 17. (50 total worth 30% of exam)
Section B
Reading.  Two readings.  You will be asked questions in French.  Answers in French = 1/2 mark, answers in English = 1 mark. (out of 10, but worth 20% of exam)

Section C Listening
A. Reflexive.  I will read sets of reflexive verbs 3X each.  Oui = logical  Non = illogical (5)
B. Song.  You will receive the lyrics to a song (3X) with some blanks.  Each blank requires a form of avoir and a past participle. You will be given the pp list.  Fill the blanks. (8)
(worth 20% of exam)
Section D
A writing topic about you and reflexive verbs.  The largest portion will be present.  Some pc and future are required.  50-60 words.  Other actions may add to your writing to make it make sense. (out of 18  worth 30% of exam)

We then practiced page one of our verb chart with the following 3 forms:
Je, Nous, Ils.
Homework is to study those:)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday Jan 10

French 10

In class we worked with cards on reflexive verbs, practicing meanings by putting the cards in order.  Today we used the cards with the words, not the pictures to do this activity.  We then played go fish with the pictures and words using the passé composé.
We transitioned to commands in the tu, nous and vous forms using these notes:

We then did the text work with commands on page 159 we did #6 and then #7 on the following.
Homework is to do the following G and V activities.

French 12

We worked further on research and asking words and structures for our final presentation.

French 8

We practiced more with his/her.  We then took notes on how to ask and tell age.   Finally we wrote down the months of the year.  Homework is to practice speaking the hair, eye and age questions over and over with different answers each time.


We revisited ACABAR de and did activity 10 on page 184 aloud.  We then looked at the verb venir on page 185 noting that it will not be added to the verb chart but will be used in the last activity for marks before the final exam.    If you were away I will explain this one to you as it is a bit different from what we normally do.  Just come see me.  If you didn't finish it in class, it is due tomorrow.