Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Dec 4

French 10
Today we took notes on how to compare adjectives and make them superlative.  See notes below.  Students completed the first activity on the other blog entry for today which required them to substitute the adjective given in brackets and then change the comparative word to one that suited the new situation (plus/moins or aussi)
Homework is to study for the verb chart TEST which is required to be written by all who scored less than 98/114 on the quiz.  Rewrites of one side or the other (or both) is optional for other students.

French 11
Today we wrote the test on passé composé/imparfait formation and choice.
Students then worked on their Weeblys, or on brainstorming and creating their paragraph for subjet #8: trips you have taken.
For subject 8 and subsequent travel paragraphs, students are reminded to start by brainstorming the following in English, and then looking up what they need in French before they start writing.:

  • where
  • Quand when
  • Avec qui with whom
  • Pour combien de temps for how long
  • Les moments les plus marquants highlights
  • Souvenirs exceptionel pour utiliser le superlatif exceptional memories to use the superlative of adjectives with. 
No homework as long as all written sections are now on the Weebly and brainstorming for #8 is done.