Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday Dec 8

French 11
In both classes today we received back the paragraph test covering students' writing selections from either question 5,6 or 7.
We went through word order with superlatives and had 3 specific examples to use to help us in our own writing.
Word Order
1.                  2.                3.            4.                5.          
Le plus                                           le plus
La moins      BAGS      Noun        la moins    NON BAGS
Les             adjective                      les              adjective

When making a this part of the sentence, focus first on the noun, is it masc or fem?
Then on the adjective, is it BAGS or NON BAGS?
Then place the correct le/la/les according to the noun with the desired moins or plus to complete the idea.

requires parts 1,2,3 and the rest of the sentence
NON BAGS requires 1,3,4,5 and the rest of the sentence.

The biggest building was the Eiffel Tower.
Le plus grand immeuble était la Tour Eiffel.

The most incredible building was the Eiffel Tower.
L'immeuble le plus incroyable était la Tour Eiffel.

We spent the rest of the class composing our question 8 answer about one of our past trips.

French 10
Students did a verb TEST today if they did not score 86% or more on the quiz on Thursday.
We then discussed our schedule for the next two weeks.
Students worked on the google calendar assignment. Each meeting must include time and location when entered onto the calendar.  Details of what will happen at each meeting will appear on the weebly site.