Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Feb 5

French 8
Students practiced the alphabet briefly from text p 10 while going over their homework.  We then practiced unit 1 lesson A vocab and did G and V activities #6 and 7 on page 4.  Students wrote out the small conversations with the missing words filled in the blanks for activity 6 and the missing letters for #7.  While doing this, we noticed that we forgot to add
     Je m'appelle Mme Blohm = my name is Mrs. Blohm
So please add those to your list if you were away.  We then started on numbers, found on text p 9.  We pronounced and practiced aloud with a partner.  Then homework was assigned.  Please do #8 p 5, writing the missing numbers in the series.  Please create two series starters, like the question starters in #8, for your partner to do on Tuesday.  For example: zéro, cinq ____,____,____.

Students continued on from yesterday, working on Paso B in the same manner. We also received vocabulary sheets for students to put at least 15 words of their choice from paso A and B.  Both of those tasks need to be done by Tuesday's class.

French 12
We went over the homework taking notes on the particular uses of AVOIR, ETRE, ALLER AND FAIRE.  Homework is to choose a usage learned today for each verb (perhaps not aller, so a double of another) put it into a sentence and draw a picture of it.  See the final photo for a sample of Sam going on a boat ride:)

which says:  Sam fait un tour en bâteau.