Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday February 29

French 12
We went through the homework with Y.  Students then told me about two places they went this weekend with two sentences using Y.  The first sentence told me when they went there.  The second told me what they did there. This was handed in for marks.
à Tim Horton's
J'y suis allée samedi après-midi.  J'y ai bu un thé.

We then read through Tp27,28 with the CD.  Students, for homework, are to read and record p28, Francine, Annette, Francine, Annette and finish with Francine's line "Bien sur" for tomorrow.  We will listen and critique.  Students will then re-record if desired before submitting the recording to google classroom.

French 8
I took in the homework from Friday and will mark it ASAP, so if you aren't done, get that in, please.  We then started leçon B in the text on page 32, talking about the difference between JOUER sports (have a ball, a puck, a stick etc. ) and FAIRE sports (swimming, horseback riding, jogging).  We then read p 33 aloud to practice pronunciation and talked about the  meaning.  We did #1,2 on pae 35 after reading the green sections silently and talking a bit about it.  We then took notes on adverbs, see the pictures below, and did #4 on page 36 aloud.  No homework.

Today we marked the homework and took notes on the prepositions on page 175, what they mean and how they can be used.  (see below).  No homework.

The key point that I made while writing the second photo of notes is that *if the subject is the same for the verb with after/before as it is for the conjugted verb, then antes de/despues de + infinitive can be used.  Just remeber that an infinitive of a reflexive verb will STILL need to have the reflexive pronoun changed (see after the black circle on maquillarsnos (not maquillarse)