Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thursday Feb 11

French 12
Today we took notes on two different types of pronouns.

We then practiced aloud with activity 16 on page 20 of the text.  Then we did the first few of 17 together aloud and I assigned students to finish it in writing.

Students were feeling confused about their homework so I will try to make it more clear.
We are doing #17 text p 20.
Your questions and answers will be as follows, only in French:)


Subjects control the verb form
Direct object pronouns go infront of the verb form but do NOT control it.

  1. Is (it that) Martine is listening to us?  Yes, she is listening to you, but she doesn't understand you.  
Est-ce que Martine nous écoute?  Oui, elle vous écoute, mais elle ne vous comprend pas.
  1. Is (it that) we are listening to the teacher?  Yes you are listening to him, but you don't understand him.
  2. Is the teacher listening to you?  Yes, he is litening to me, but he doesn't understand me.
  3. Is (it that) you (sing) are listening to Claire?  Yes, I am listening to her, but I don't understand her.
  4. Is (it that) Claire is listening to you (plural)?  Yes, she is listening to us, but she doesn't understand us.
  5. Is it that you are listening to me?  Yes, we are listening to you (sing), but we don't understand you.
  6. Is (it that) I am listening to Patrick and Khaled?  Yes, you (sing) are listening to them, but you don't understand them.
  7. Is (it that) Patrick and Khaled are listening to Salim?  Yes, they are listening to him, but they don't understand him.

French 8
We did the Unité 1 test today.  Then we started to talk about weekend activities we love to do and put a few on the board.  Students are using the next page in their notebook to draw six of their favorite weekend activities at the top.  If they know the French word, they can add it to the box.  If not, we will add it next day.

Spanish students are working through review.  We reviewed and changed verb forms, nouns, adjective and articles in their work.  Students will review and finish the following work tomorrow in class.