Friday, February 19, 2016

Thursday Feb 18

French 8
Today we worked on learning what infinitives are and how they are used.  We also started to look at ER verbs and how they change endings.  Students have many notes on their verb chart, so if you are away, have one of them lend you theirs to copy from on Monday.

Today we tidied up the stem changing and irregular YO form sections on the verb chart.  So now everything is filled on pages 1-4 in except for PEDIR and the last two verbs on page 4.  We then worked on answering some more questions on festival days and how we celebrate personally, as a family or a community.  Homework is to choose and answer 3 of the 6 questions in activity 4 on page 152 of the text.

French 12
We read about Senegal in the text on pages 7-8, answering the questions that followed briefly as a class.  Then we went ahead to lesson B and started grabbing expressions, vocab etc. that struck us as important for a visit to an amusement park.  Homework is to have 25 words on the vocab list.