Friday, March 11, 2016

Monday March 14

French 12
Today we worked together to critique and revise our writings.  Tomorrow will be listening and reading, the writing section of the test will be Thursday.

Students worked on critique and revision of test paragraphs today.  Tomorrow will be the reading section of the test and preparation of vocablist #2.  The writing section will be on Thursday. Homework is to answer questions #3,4 on page 166 for the reading on page 164.  There will be two letters for each blank.

French 8
We had the listening and reading sections of the test today.  We then took notes on time and practiced pronouncing in the text on pages 56 and 57.

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and DOMINGO, 25 DE JULIO DE 2010 RECUERDOS DE MI NIÑEZ 4 NUESTRO CINE PARTICULAR. so page down to that title please