Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday March 7

French 12
Today we did notes on the passé composé including word order with negatives, questions and direct object pronoun placement and agreement.

French 8
Today we went over the Ne...pas homework on the board.  We then did a bit more practice in the G and Von pages 24,25 doing the odd questions of activities 22,23.

We then wrote out the test outline.  The test for chapter 2 will be on Friday.  We will be building the test together tomorrow in class.  However, for homework students are to brain storm 3-4 activities in each box in the chart below that they or their family do. These charts are in their notebooks.

Ma famille
-travailler (to work)
-écouter de la musique
-regarder Netflix

Students learned about family member vocab in a broader sense to include in-laws, half, steps etc. Be sure to get the sheet when you return.We then briefly started our test outline, but will continue tomorrow.  

Capítulo 4 Examen:
  1. ¿Qué celebración es? (explain/define (text p 151 #3)
  2. ¿Cuándo es? (día, hora)
  3. Activities you/your family like to do (Tp151#2)
  4. reflexive verbs Tp153, 172,173
  5. sequencing words (antes de, después de, luego, primero, etc.)
  6. stem changing verbs (vestirse, dormir, ponerse)(p169-171)
  7. estar + adjective
  8. tener expressions p158