Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tuesday March 1

French 12
We did a critique and revision on the pronunciation students were working on.  We then worked on how to attach it to google classroom.  Such fun.  Students then quickly looked at text page 31 "La Ronde" section only.  We are going to answer the following four questions in point form French (or English if words are names or tough to translate) about La Ronde, and two other amusement parks or festivals in the French speaking world.  Google is your friend.

  1. Où (where is it located/held?)
  2. Les tours (the rides, names or types)
  3. Les autres attractions (other attractions included there)
  4. Quand c'est? (when it takes place, all year long, in the summer?)
Remember that this and the voice recording are due Thursday.

French 8
We practiced adding adverbs to sentences  using text page 36 #4 and 5 as well as writing about our own likes using the list in #7 on page 37 (but ignoring the directions so see me please).
We then had 6 scrambled sentences up on the board, students have to put the words into logical order and change the form of the ER verb in brackets.

Today we worked hard on using infinitives and conjugated verbs with después de and antes de.  We did #8 page 155 with a partner and marked them on the board.  We then compared it with activity 9 on the following page.  Students are putting together their rendition of Adriana's day from #9 using the following items:
  • antes de (once)
  • después de (once)
  • 3 others form the grey bog
  • y (as needed)
  • pero (as needed)
  • más (as needed)
  • luego (as needed)
This is due Thursday but will be looked at briefly tomorrow.