Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday March 15

Students went over the reading from text p 164.  We had a reading test on the same subject.  We then worked on our paragraphs and vocabulary list.  The list is due in English tomorrow and will be tested on Thursday.  The paragraph will be tested Friday.

French 8
We went over text page 59 again today with pronunciation practice.  We then worked on times with students doing text p 65,66 aloud with a partner, adding du matin, de l'après-midi or du soir for all times except noon and midnight.
We then worked in the workbook, which they couldn't take home.  So students did page 34 #7a,b first, as it was a bit different from the usual.  See the photos below if you aren't done.
Then they did p33 #6b.  They wrote the following times using in the morning, afternoon and evening as above.

Odds are AM and evens are PM
modèle: 9h00 = Il est neuf heures du soir.

  1. 2h00 (=2:00 french style)
  2. 5h00
  3. 7h00
  4. 1h00
  5. 12h00
  6. 6h00
  7. 8h00
  8. 11h00

French 12
Students had a reading and listening test today.  We then finished the day with touching up and making pictures for the paragraph test on Thursday.