Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday March 8

French 8
Students followed the skeletal sentence models as shown below to form their 12-20 statements for the test.  12 minimum, 20 for excellence.

We finished the outline of required contents for the Chapter 4 test.
Capítulo 4 Examen:
  1. ¿Qué celebración es? (explain/define (text p 151 #3)
  2. ¿Cuándo es? (día, hora)
  3. Activities you/your family like to do (Tp151#2) 3-5
  4. reflexive verbs Tp153, 172,173 3-5
  5. sequencing words (antes de, después de, luego, primero, etc.) 3
  6. stem changing verbs (vestirse, dormir, ponerse)(p169-171) integrated above or separate new ones 3-5
  7. estar + adjective
  8. tener expressions p158 2
Spanish 12 students need to hit the maximum in each highlighted area for minimum work and surpass it for excellence.

French 12
We worked the Passé Composé today as a class, going over the homework and reanalyzing the formation and agreement with être. If you were away, please realize that students chose to write down EITHER the MRS. DR. VANDERTRAMP list as in the second photo, or draw the circle of life in the first photo as their choice of how to remember verbs that take ETRE to form the passé composé.   The notes are below.  The homework is to do p25 #22 as in the model.  Those feeling stong in those areas practiced their French with the following links during the review lesson:

DELF practice: for vocabulary building and a reading

Listening practice for those with headphones

Written comprehension