Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday April 29

French 12
I finished interview students about their topics and the use of subjunctive while they completed their 5 irregular subjunctive verb test and worked on their projects.  Students discussed needing a vocab test soon, so vocab sheet 2 test, including project words and others, will be Tuesday May 3.  Sheets were handed out for students to make the English list for the test which should be done by the end of Monday's class.

French 8
We had our listening test today.  We then went through our test one more time and made changes to our script in two spots, see the highlights on the outline below. Monday we will practice one last time and I am urging students to practice at home until they know the lines while looking at the English outline.
Unité 3 Test

For the speaking test section, you will prepare a conversation and use it to practice for test day.  On test day you will pick a roll from a hat (Student A, B or C and remain in that roll throughout all three sections.) (36) The speaking test will be on __________

You meet two friends and start a conversation.

  • Student A, B  and C greet each other and ask how the other is.
  • Student A says that they are hungry or thirsty.
  • Student B suggests they go to a cafĂ© or a fast food place.
  • Student C says he is not hungry (or thirsty, your decision)
  • Student A says which one they prefer.
  • Student B says let’s go!
  • Student C says he does(n't) like "fast-food" or something similar and says bye.
Practice with the dialogue on page 59 in your text.
You are now at the restaurant and are about to order food from the server (Student C).
  • Student C greets Students A and B formally and asks what they would like.
  • Student A draws a pink card and a green card and reads what they would like.
  • Student B follows same procedure as Student A.
  • Student C repeats order incorrectly (make it up or pick random cards for ideas).
  • Student A and B correct Student C who then repeats the correct order.
  • Student C asks for the desert order.
  • Student A and B answer.
Practice with the dialogue on page 69 in your text.
Now you need to know the prices.
  • Student A asks how much for the items they want.
  • Student C tells them how much each item costs (on menu).
  • Student B asks how much for the items they want.
  • Student C tells them how much each item costs (on menu).
  • Student A and  B gives them an amount around the total and thanks the server.
  • Student C says you’re welcome.

Practice with the dialogue on page 81 in your text.

Today we worked on our writing, I checked students off if they were done the second set of 50-60 words, which is for sure due at the beginning of class on Monday.
There will be an Irreg preterite test on Tuesday.