Monday, April 11, 2016

Friday April 8

I was away today, but here is the work students completed.
  1. After the homework check, assign EJERCICIO 2 to them to write only the answers.  Have them then write the answers on the board for #1 and 2 and mark them together.
  2. Students should next read 5.2 on page 206, A and B adding the forms of the verbs to their verb charts if they are not already there and then to do EJERCICIO 3 and 4 aloud with a partner.

  1. Assign them to do text p 189,190.  For activity 6, write the sentences from the teacher’s edition on the board.  They need to match the person to the statement, looking up words on a chromebook when necessary and adding words which pertain to them personally to their vocab list.
  2. For activity 7 they should write the sentences in order into their binders.  Watching again for vocab to look up and add to their lists.
  3. Whatever they don’t finish should be for homework.

French 12

For homework everyone was assigned a small section of activity 9 to translate into English and read out to the class.  Have each student number from 1-36 on their own paper and as they listen, they can write down notes for themselves about what the paragraph says onto that sheet.  Then assign students to work on putting the verbs into the correct verb tense using their notes and the translation that they just heard.  They will be writing just the answers, NOT the paragraphs. Hand in.   At this point I would like the kids to work on   the verb plaire in the text on pages 118-119, reading first and then doing #10 aloud with a partner, they will need to use the vocab on text page 107 to help them.  
If done, have them do G and V (big green binder) #7 page 67 to hand in.

French 8

  1. Homework check: it was for students to finish all 5 vocab activities from Tuesday.  
  2. Have students read text pages 68,69 with you for pronunciation.
  3. Assign text p 71,72 for them to do #1,2 and 3 aloud with a partner at their group taking turns.  
  4. At this point they need to practice for a music speaking test next week.  
  5. G and V page 36 #13 for homework. Have students follow the model and order the maximum possible without overspending for each question.