Friday, April 29, 2016

Thursday April 28

French 12
Students chose their verbs for the irregular subjunctive test tomorrow.  Everyone must do AVOIR and ETRE but can choose any three others from text p 136.
We discussed and took notes on how to use text p 138 (basically interchanging il faut que for any of the given expressions depending on what you want to say).  Students then wrote four sentences with a variety of those expressions in the note sections of their topics.

French 8
We started with the unit 3 vocab test today.  We finished writing sections 2 and 3 for the speaking test, remembering to ask "Et comme dessert?" in part 2, and to have each A and B ask "Combien coûtent le/la + food,  le/la + drink,  et le/la + dessert?" at the beginning of section 3.
Students then practiced the conversations with two different sets of partners.
Tomorrow is the listening portion of the test.  Students need to know their numbers when they hear them:)

We did our preterit test today /10.  We then worked on the irregular preterit, using notes and the text pages 264,265 to fill in SER, IR (which are the same) and TENER.  We will then be choosing three other verbs from those on the list which we believe we will use the most on our project. Each student can make their own choice.  Those 6 verbs in total will be tested Tuesday.