Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday May 18

French 8
We did our formative verb test, including all six forms and the meanings of ALLER, AVOIR, REGARDER and FINIR.
Calli then put up:
Notes On Time

After discussion and a bit of practice, more practice was given with some time work:
GV pg 61 and 62:
#21- matching
#22- organize the sentence
add the digits of each time. So your answers will look like:  Il est cinq heures. 5h00

We continued program exploration and work on the project while I checked the most recent 50-60 words required (from last week, now up to 200-240 words)

French 12
We handed in GV pages today.  I will add their photos later as they are not in the GV you have right now Preet :)
We then discussed technology and final project, presentation ideas.