Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday May 26

French 8
We did the Unit 4 test today.  We then took notes on articles and possessive adjective choice.  We then started on the back side of those notes and are using  to look up at least 10 family and pets in French which we can use on a family project for this unit.  (Mom, step dad, horse, uncle etc.)

We addresses the difficulty with the preterit and the imperfect, specifically using text p 407.  Students went through the work they did there with a partner and with another reminder lesson from me.  They then chose whether to redo by completing #21-30 or not.  At this point we went back to the project.

French 12
We did the vocab test today.  I handed out rubrics with interim marks on them.  We then did notes on the conditional and practiced it by doing text p 210.  At this point we went back to the project.