Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday June 17

All Classes:
The last day to do missing tests is Monday at lunch.  I mentioned this in all of my classes today.

French 8
We tidied up our projects with some final partner critiques.  Students were showed how to log into .gedu accounts and hand it in on the google classroom.
Due before class Monday.
We went through what was required in our notebooks, students then handed them in.  We also did a student reflection on presentation.  Everyone voted to have the music speaking test on Monday instead of a verb chart, so see you for that then!

French 12
We did quite a bit.

The day went as follows:

I explained the test for Tuesday will NOT include the reading.  Just the verbs. An audio of the explanation can be found on google classroom which can be accessed only when you are logged in on .gedu

And double block day schedule is: