Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday June 2

Today we went through the interview questions and the schedule, making changes where necessary.
We then went straight to work on our filming, drawing and writing.

French 12
Straight to work today.  Just a reminder to do any missing assignments/tests ASAP.  See me if you would like a more recent print-out.

French 8
For RJ and Amanda
Today we talked about adjectives.  We took the following notes into our notebooks, added two describing words for each family member to our notebooks.  We went through the second slide and its changes in depth on the RJ/Amanda link above for ideas and seeing the changes from the notes in action.  We then took some time to look them up  our choices if they were not on the lists in the slides on
Students are to note the new adjectives in the masculine unless they know they need the feminine and can create it as seen in our notes today or find the feminine on word reference because it is irregular and is given there. Otherwise, we will use the rules to change them to feminine after more notes tomorrow.