Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Sept 19

Today we used the homework as a warm up activity on vocab.  We then practiced "How are you?" on text p 34, noticing the formal and informal structures.  We did #6 and 7 there.  We then did #8 on the next page aloud as well.
We then took the following notes from the bottom of Tp35 as seen in the pic below.  We then did #9 on p36, writing the sentence with all of the possible pronoun answers (not just the letters, the words).  Please finish that if you were away.

French 10
We went through and corrected the friends paragraphs.  We have individual notes in our exercise books, so check a friend's if you were away.  No homework.

French 8
We took notes on the next lesson, separating the vocabulary as seen below and adding it to our notebooks.  After each section please leave 4 blank lines where you will add your own ideas as we go.