Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Sept 15

French 10
We did the quiz on page two of the verb chart today (2 + 6 choices).  Students know their mark already but were not able to keep the test as I needed to record their mark.  We then used the following picture of the characters of Friends to write descriptions without any review teaching so I can assess what I need to teach and reteach.  We will continue in class tomorrow, but students each got a number (if you were away you are #4) and had to write about the three males or females on the topics below using at least 6 adjectives each.

French 8
We reviewed hellos and goodbyes.  We talked about cultural name choices as in the text on page 7.  We then went to a website to practice name, firstname, country, profession info reading.  Tomorrow is the test as was outlined in the notebook.