Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thursday Sept 22

French 8/Spanish
We continued with the music assignment on google classroom.  We learned how to do effective critiques by watching "Austin's Butterfly".  We learned to make our feedback specific, kind, to encourage more than one try and to look carefully for detail.  We set up our page for a critique in our notebook"

Critique: Musique Mercredi/ Música Miércoles
Mon partenaire:__________ / Mi compañero



Students then did a critique with a partner who was at the same stage in the assignment.  Everyone should have the assignment turned in for Monday.

French 10
We worked on our small introduction sentences.  We skyped with Mme Devries to say a first hello to our future partners. What a blast!!
We then went over our adjective homework doing a small critique as in black above.  I handed out the worksheet below to further our practice with adjectives.  Please choose ten of the 18 questions.  Decide how the adjective will change to agree with the noun which is found between the two blanks. Then consult your notes about BAGS adjectives and decide if the given adjective you have changed belongs in the blank before the noun OR after it.

#1 (blanc) Je n'aime pas le __________ vin__blanc________.