Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Oct 14

Patrick, please work in the sheets I gave you.
Hey guys, Please #14 and 15 in the text on pages 61,62 aloud with partners and then you write the opposite ones to what you said.  If you read the odd answers, write the evens and vice versa.
Write them on the board and have them marked (the key is in the margin of my text or have Patrick helpJ)
Then please do workbook pages 23-24.  #16 16,17,19 and 20 can be aloud, #18 and #21 are to be written.  For #18 follow what you did on activity 15 in the text, be sure to tell me which of your friends you are talking about.
If you have time, please do #4 p 67 answering with a name only.  When finished, hand it in.  If you don’t finish the above please do so for homework, it will be for marks.

French 10
Hi guys.   Sorry to cancel music today.  But I don’t want to miss it.  Presenters, we will present on Monday of next week.
You are to have rough drafts of their gratitude products today half finished.  Finish your drafts as best you can, you will have sentence fragments and mistakes.  This is a draft!  Use pencil, use, ask each other for feedback.  Push yourselves to have the most work done possible, finding the write forms when you can.  We have only today to create what we will take to show the Grade 3’s.  Do great work.  If chrome books are not available, use mine and my other computer, leave them on desks at the front of the room so people can approach and use them as needed. 

French 8
Hi everyone.  
You guys are going to add the vocab from Text p 42 to your notebooks.  I have put the words into easier forms below:
Infinitive verbs
Dormer = to sleep
Sortir = to go out (on a date, or to dinner, etc.)
Lire = to read
Infinitive expressions
Faire du shopping = to go shopping
Faire les devoirs = to do homework
Jouer aux jeux vidéos = to play video games
Take from the graph paper box in the text p 42

Please read through the dialogue on page 44, using a partner and page 55 to help with meaning.
Answer #1 p45 with one or two French words using the dialogue for answers.
Write the dialogue in #2 out, inventing what you think will go in the blanks, one or more words per…  Your answer may be different that your partner’s but still correct.  Compare when done.

Do #3  aloud with your partner.  Be honest about what you like or don’t like to do.  Note the n(e)… pas around aime makes it DON’T like.  You may have seen this beforeJ

Continue with the ne pas lesson on to page 46.  Watch this video until it seems silly and you get it.  You can also read the notes, then do #4 and 5 writing, but only write the odds, your partner only writes the evens, helping and checking on each other.  When done, write the answers on the board and have the teacher check them with the answers in the margin of my text.

Depending on the time left, your teacher today may assign G and V p 24 #22.  Please follow the model; no one likes the activities mentioned, so the answers will seem repetitive.  That is the point here, so that it becomes clear and easy before we add it to more complicated situations.  You want to be able to say what your family doesn’t like to do on your project as well.  If you travel, like Santiago, and can’t express what you don’t like, you may find yourself miserable more often than you hopedL