Monday, October 3, 2016

Friday Sept 30/Mon Oct 3

I was away Friday, so I will combine what was done then with what we did today!
Students practiced three listening activities and three reading activities for the unit 1 etapa 1 test Tuesday.  Students also received the outline for the writing they need to do on that test.
Today we reviewed what they heard and read.  We then did a critique on the writing section, focusing on the elements required, spelling, and how to add extra for 6/6.  Some suggestions of extras were: house/apartment living, profession/student, what you do NOT like to do.

Writing Outline

You are writing an e-mail to your exchange partner in Mexico who you have not talked to or met before.  Write as much about yourself as you can in Spanish. Include your name, how you are today, where you are from, what you like to do.  Can you ask the exchange partner anything about him/herself? (two questions would be recommended). What's your name?  How are you?  Can you include more? (for full marks)brainstorm ideas, profession, where you live, etc.  Start with hi or hello.

French 10
Students on Friday were asked to take the 4-6 ideas they are grateful for and build vocabulary lists for them in their notebooks.  A sample of the list is below:

Safety la sécurité

the law  La loi
democracy la démocratie
security la sécurité
environment  l'environnement
freedom la liberté              

adjectives (approx 3 per noun above with a total of 12 in the section)
la loi:  old vieux, agé, honourable honorable, reliable fiable
la démocratie: stable stable, canadian canadien,  etc....
verbs (2 you don't know)

to honour  honorer, distinguer
to respect  respecter quelqu'un pour quelque chose

Today we went through the lists with a partner, building each others lists while sharing our own.
If not done the vocab, students are asked to finish if for all 4 Gratitude topics for tomorrow.

French 8
Students worked on Friday on ER verbs and subject pronouns for review.  We continued it today while playing BINGO.  I then outlined a test on verbs and pronouns, see below.
Subject Pronoun Meanings

je__________                         nous__________
tu__________                         vous__________
il__________                          ils__________
elle__________                       elles__________

Regular Verbs
1. any ER verb from unit 2 lesson A 
skier (for example)= to_ski________    (or nager, regarder, télépnoner, etc.)                  
je______skie____      nous___skions________         

tu_____skies_____      vous____skiez_______         

elle___skie______      ils_____skient________