Wednesday, October 26, 2016

L'horaire des leçons pour Galerie de la Reconnaissance

Galerie de la Reconnaissance

L'horaire des leçons pour
Galerie de la Reconnaissance
  • ·         1 verb sentences/word order done, will review
  • ·         2 verb sentences  Lesson Nov 7, Practice Nov 8,9 Test Nov 10
  • ·         Future simple (will do) Lesson Oct 31, Practice Nov 01,02 Test Nov 03
  • ·         Commands  October 20-25, quiz on Oct 27
  • ·         Reflexive verbs (looking necessary) Lesson Nov 21, Practice Nov 22,23, Test Nov 24
  • ·        Past tense (Imperfect) Lesson Nov 14, Practice Nov 15,16, Test Nov 17
  • Negatives or Passé Composé (if necessary)  Lesson Nov 28  Practice Nov 29,30, Test Dec 01
  • Comparison with adjectives (if necessary)

Project Requirements:
En français:  Students will choose 4 areas of gratitude.  They will decide on a direction/method of spreading their gratitude and will create a corresponding final product.
With each product students will submit en français the following form explaining their target audience as well as why and how their product will spread their gratitude
One product must contain and audio of the student (and perhaps grade 3s as well) speaking French enough to be assessed. (roughly 80-100 words per product and form)

Product ideas
  • Ad for a function, product, fundraiser, etc.
  • Poster
  • Video
  • Prezi or Google Slides
  • Alphabet art
  • Volunteer work/plan
  • interview
  • Letter to self or other
  • Facebook post on fakebook
  • Weebly or other website
  • Word art
  • Audio recording
  • Promotional pamphlet or flyer
  • “A day in the life” video
  • Comic strip, hand or digital
  • Series of texts
  • Voice over slideshow
  • Scrapbook entries

Formulaire pour la remise des produits:

Mon Nom est:
Ma reconnaissance:
Mon choix de public cible et pourquoi je l’ai choisi:

Comment est-ce que mon produit va faire diffuser ma reconnaissance aux autres?

Quels effets est-ce que ma reconnaissance pourra avoir? ____________________________________________________