Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Oct 17

French 10

We had music today from Mary and Destaine.  We then had our work quickly checked, and certain students were told that they didn’t have enough French on theirs for our trip to South SaHali tomorrow so they have homework.  Don’t forget your coat tomorrow incase it rains!

French 8 
We went over most of what was done on Friday, clarifying areas of confusion.  Students need to complete GV p 25 #23 for homework, removing or adding NE…PAS.  We will then mark it and #22 p 24 tomorrow.


We went over last day’s work.  I asked students to hand in #18 and 21 from the workbook.  If you aren’t done, you need to finish for homework.  Homework for today is to definitely have family/friend pictures loaded to classroom ready for tomorrow when we head into making our presentations.