Thursday, October 6, 2016

Thursday Oct 6

Today we worked more on the body/character descriptors.  We listened to and watched the video from page 50,51 in the text.
We then spoke our way through page 55 both activities.  Homework is workbook p19 sentences for the first two activities and one word answers for the last.

French 10
We revisited our adjective comparison lesson notes and online activity.  Students polished GVp42 and handed it in.  Homework for the weekend is to think through final products in order to have a direction for project work which starts Wednesday.  Friday and Tuesday we are doing Music.

French 8
Today we added links from YouTube for our music assignment.  We then created a google file and doc for the Prezi we will be making this unit.  We then created a prezi account and practiced with it a bit, learning how to insert frames, change their colour and size, insert pictures and edit the path.  Homework for Tuesday is to have at least 5 pictures on the google doc of your family and/or favorite activities to use on the Prezi project.