Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday Oct 11

French 10
Students created their music assignments today, inserting a few links to interesting photos, maps, etc.  They need to finish it for homework and submit it via the classroom with a link to the music video put on the assignment page (like mine is there) as well.  We will peer edit the assignment tomorrow.

French 8
Students handed in their work (Settlers of Catan) if they didn't already do so on Friday.  We then worked more on the concept of verb changes and adverb additions to sentences.  We read the dialogue and analyzed it for verbs and adverbs on text p 33.  We then practiced answering using aimer + adverb or another verb + adverb with #3 p 35.  We then started a writing assignment similar to Friday's to help iron out the difficulties.  #6 p 37.  I  showed various models on the board and analyzed the pieces of the model for that specific activity in the pictures below.  Follow the orange model in the book and/or the blue one in the second pic below if you are still confused.

Extra Adjectives
Choose 10 for your vocab list.  Use any you like for the homework.

agradable - pleasant
alegre - happy
animado- lively
cortés- polite
feliz - happy
independiente -
listo - ready
perezoso - lazy
religioso - religious
sencillo - natural
serio - serious
simpático - nice
tímido - shy
típico -typical
tranquilo - calm
travieso - naughty
valiente - brave
sensible - sensitive

In class today we went over workbook p 21.  We revisited indefinite articles on text p 57.  We did #8 and 9 aloud.  We read through p 59.  Students did #10 aloud and are assigned #11 for homework writing the question and the answer, feeling free to choose adjectives from above.