Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday Oct 4

French 10
Today we discussed the audience and products of our project and brainstormed ideas on what to make.  We included product ideas like:

  • an ad, radio or tv
  • a poster
  • a video
  • a prezi
  • a letter to self or others
  • a facebook post
  • a web page
  • word are
  • recording (audio)
  • a promotional pamphlet
  • a "day in the life" video
We worked in groups to brainstorm possible appropriate products depending on who the audience was for each expression of gratitude (my family, community, parent, young children, international students, etc.)  And with that, a thought on gratitude itself...

French 8
We had our verb test today.  Students then were told about a prezi presentation they will make about activities they, their families and their community do during different seasons.  We produced a huge vocab list for students to choose activities from.  It is in our notebook. We also took down the forms of FAIRE as it is used in many expressions we had today.   No homework.

We did the Unit 1 Etapa 1 test.  We then worked in groups to come up with words to describe hair, eye, body and colour.  See photos below.  Words with a green check must be added to you list in your notebook, others are optional depending on your needs in order to describe you, your family and friends well.
No homework.