Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday October 25

French 8
We had the last day with the computers this week to put the writing onto our Prezis.  Tomorrow we will hand them into the classroom.
Next week on Thursday we will add the audio.

French 10
We worked more on our product #1 and did more command practice.
#1-3 TU form
#4-6 VOUS form
#7-9 NOUS form

  1. Come early (venir)
  2. Have a good time with your friends (s'amuser)
  3. Finish quickly (finir)
  4. Bring your family (amener, acheter accent pattern)
  5. Conserve the environment (conserver)
  6. Meet new people (faire la connaissance = to meet)
  7. Let's hang out (traîner)
  8. Let's bring some food (apporter)
  9. Let's take the bus (prendre)
What are some verbs you'd like me to use tomorrow?  Remember, test Thursday for everyone. /12

Today we put the finishing touches onto our Prezi and did a peer edit.  We then fixed what we could and started with pronunciation practice.  Students will have the audio on their prezi and submit it for Friday