Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday Oct 12

French 8
Music from Brenna and Aleisha.
Students are reminded that activity 6 on text page 37 is homework for EVERYONE.  For students who would like a redo on Settlers of Catan, they may hand it in for marks.
New questions today: "Comment est-ce que la chanson/la vidéo te fait rassentir?
Réponse: La chanson me fait rassentir triste/content...
                La chanson me fait vouloir danser/chanter

Music from Jacob Branch
New question today:  ¿Cómo te hace sentirte la canción/el vidéo
Respuesta: Me hace sentirme incómodo/a, y tú?
                  Me hace querer bailar/cantar...

French 10
We discussed beautiful work, watched Austin's Butterfly and looked at critique sentence starters which we house in our binder for future use.  We then critiqued each other's music assignments before we submitted them.  We then started on our project products again.