Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Nov 7

We reviewed the work from workbook p 30 and 31.  We then did #17 p 31 for marks and handed it in.  At this point we practiced the pronunciation of the months.  We used p84 of text to learn how to ask and tell the date. Students who had troubles with their Prezi were given help and directed to finish it for tomorrow or to come in at lunch.

French 10
We received the following:

 We then did the work and added the concept to our editing on our products.  We also worked on the vocab list.  Having 25 words on it is homework for tomorrow.

French 8
We worked on the meaning of the dialogue on Text p 59.  We then went to text p 67 and did #10 twice changing up the options of hungry/thirsty, how you feel, where you go.  We then did p 66 #9 aloud.  Our homework is to do #11 on page 67, using the model from below which starts with "à" + number + heures to say AT that time.  We will change the verb (green underline, check your chart) to match the subject given.  Note the green circles in the model and on #1 to help give you a clue with where to put the subject.