Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday Nov 17

French 8
We started on lesson C text p 80 which hits on numbers and money.  We practiced numbers up to the 100,000's using dice.  Students did really well.  Homework is to match the purchases with the  euro payments on GV p 38.

We did an informational reading on the Double Shift Schooling System in Mexico.  Students ended up with notes and handed them in for completion marks.  Here is the link. If you were away, you should read it and make notes under the headings:

  1. What is the same as in Canada
  2. What surprised me to learn
  3. What I am thankful for in either country. 
French 10
We did an exercise on the imperfect for marks today.  Students who missed it should NOT do it at home as I want to ensure that a computer was not used for verb forms.  
We then worked on our products with a reminder that the third rough draft should be done this week.