Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday Nov 24

We had our speaking test today and then a presentation on the Inca from Patricio.  ¡Buen Trabajo, Todos!
Homework is to complete activity 16 and 17 on workbook page 38.

French 10
We marked the imperfect today, the correct answers can be found on the classroom.  We then took notes on how to give commands with reflexive verbs, see below.  We did each question on page 6 making positve and negative commands.  We marked them aloud.
Tomorrow is music.

French 8
We did the number/price test today.  We then worked on the difference between un steak, le steak and then using il to represent the steak.  We used text p 84, reading the structure area and doing activity #5 and 6.  Homework is activity #23 GV p 44.  Choose any 6 and write the complete sentence.  There is no need to spell out the price as everyone did very well on their numbers today!!