Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday Nov 3

French 10
Students did the Future Simple test today.  They then continued working on their products.  Tomorrow is music.

French 8
Today we worked again with Aller.  We worked on text pages 63,64, doing activities #5,6,and 7 aloud.  We then moved to the GV, p28-29.  Students finished, or need to finish for homework, the following:
#3- write the sentences
#4- write the answer only
#5 - write the sentences  hint for #5: Either put the form of ALLER or the subject pronoun (je, tu, il...etc.) but some look like this: Jaime, _____ va bien.  These need the subject pronoun to represent the subject infront of the comma:
Jaime, elle va bien.

We received a very comprehensive vocab list today.  We practiced numbers with a listening and spelling activity,  and then had the test on number spellings today.  We then did listening activities in the workbook, pages 25.  We finished activities 1 and 2.  For homework, students are working with the months of the year.  They are to write the Spanish and then draw something that will remind them of that month (fire works, a birthday cake, a heart, etc.)  If your family has no birthdays that month, and you don't know a holiday in it either, google something famous and cool that happened during that month and draw that.
  • enero — January
  • febrero — February
  • marzo — March
  • abril — April
  • mayo — May
  • junio — June
  • julio — July
  • agosto — August
  • septiembre,  — September
  • octubre — October
  • noviembre — November
  • diciembre — December