Monday, May 28, 2018

Monday May 28

French 8

We went through more family members, discussed the difference between step and half siblings and then added a few more words necessary.  We then learned to discuss age, hair and eye colour.  We practiced with the our famous families aloud with a partner.  Homework is to choose three of the Simpsons plus one of their pets and write their age, hair and eye colour as in the model below.
Modèle:  Sadie a 13 ans.  Elle a les cheveux blonds et les yeux bleus.

French 12

We worked on project research today, finding the last of what we needed.  We heard one Crib presentation and did a bit of oral work in the past.


We did a peer edit on verbs today and then filmed our projects with the goal of finishing that tomorrow and working on our pronunciation.

French 9

We went over project contents:

We then worked more on our sentences.  We compared plus when used with a noun as to when it is used with an adjective: