Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday May 31

French 9

We spent the day creating the final recordings and touching up our slide shows.  All need to be on for tomorrow.  See you then for presentations!

French 8

We went over the homework today and what it means:
Stéphanie est la mère de Marie = two things:
Stephanie is the mother of Marie
Stephanie is Marie's Mother
There is no 's in French.
We practiced pronouncing the family members and all of the homework sentences with students then translating each sentence aloud to their partner in English in both of the ways above.

We then wrote similar sentences for the Incredible family.
Finally, students were assigned to choose a mother, a father and a child from the Modern Family and make as many French sentences about them as possible according to the family tree below.  Note the sample from the Incredibles:
Elastagirl is la mère de Jack-Jack, Dash et Violet.
Elastagirl est la femme de Monsieur Incroyable
(if there was a bigger family she might be a grandmother, an aunt, a cousin, etc.)

French 12

We worked more on our presentations today and did a peer edit at noon.  We will do another tomorrow.  We added a quick note on the imperfect as was requested before we did the peer edit b/c of the elements I asked people to check.  Near the end of class we also added a word order note as seen below if adding pronouns for me, it, him, her etc.


We started on the next project, an amazing race.  We decided on the following types of places to visit, with bouncing from country to country, city to city being allowed.  We did some preliminary project planning on the chromebooks.  Projects are due to be uploaded to your googledrive with a link inserted as a comment on Fresh Grade for tomorrow or before Monday's class.  We will watch a few tomorrow and the rest on Monday.