Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tuesday May 29

French 12

We watched a quick video on how to sound more French.
We then took notes on the pluperfect tense.  We practice with three samples and then dove into the text on page 398 for more models, page 399 for activity 8 to do aloud and p 400 to create our answers to activity 10 and write them on the board.


We filmed for the final day and also practiced pronunciation.  Students need to have a rough draft of their audio recorded for tomorrow for a peer edit.

French 9

We watched the following video to help sort out de from du/de la etc.  We then did a peer edit on those structures involving quantities and then general message. We also took notes on the following, adding them to our little word chart.  We will have tomorrow to practice our audio and record it for a peer edit.  And then on Thursday we will edit our slides for the final time and finalize our audios.  Presentations will be June 1 and 5 with presentations to Mme Bubela's class on the 4 of June.

French 8

We did the test today and then checked our Simpson homework.  We then practiced pronouncing family words.  Lastly we worked in the workbook as seen below.  We did all of 1A and 1B following the model and writing the sentences.