Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Wednesday May 23

French 12

We solidified which weekend trip we will use for our past journal entry with a group vote today.  We then did a bit more work on faire + infinitive by doing test p 352 #10 using ton/ta colocotaire (room mate) instead of Tes parents as a subject.  We then took the following notes, adding what people need for their destination for the weekend trip.
No homework.


We started with an activity to take info from for our project on page 162, 163.  We then fully worked on prepping the ideas for our project. Students will have all 20 ideas in point form Spanish for class tomorrow.  To the project requirements I added nothing, but for excellence I added the need for the use of sequencing words as seen below.

French 9

We had music today from Landen, Connor and I.

French 8

We had presentations today and then music from Cole.