Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday June 1

French 8

We went through making similar family sentences to our homework using the family tree on text page 133, all sentences referring to Diane. (Il est le grand-père de Diane, Elle est la grand-mère de Diane, etc.) We then took the following notes:

At this point we went back to the same text page. Now our sentences were Il est son grand-père, Elle est sa grand-mère, etc.
Homework was to do with the Family Guy family.  Chose one character for the first 5 sentences, say what your name is.  You are this character.  Now say who the other 5 family members are to you.  So if we were doing the Weasley family in Harry Potter it would be like the following:

  1. Je m'appelle Ron.
  2. Charlie est mon frère.
  3. Fred est mon frère.
  4. .
  5. ,
  6. ,
The next five are as if you were talking about that character:
  1. Il s'appelle Ron.
  2. Charlie est son  frère.
  3. Fred est son  frère.
  4. ,
  5. ,
  6. ,
Please use the Family Guy family for this (Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie and the dog Brian).

French 12

We finished up our project.  We noted the following words.  We did a peer edit.


We heard four presentations.  Good Job!  

We outlined the project we will be doing and I showed the class a sample.  Please note that the links on the sample are still French resources, but the rest applies.

French 9

We started the presentations today.  We then discovered that MORE vocabulary was needed on the slides to help our listeners, so we took about 25 minutes to add them.  Then we continued presentations.