Monday, June 4, 2018

Monday June 4

French 12

We had our silent presentations today.  We also gave feedback and reactions to what we saw and handed it in stapled to the back of our work.


We had more presentations today.  We looked at the Spanish sample for the viaje maravilloso project.  We decided on 9 tasks, without fixing a specific amount of sites to visit.  We will have the last of the projects tomorrow.

French 9

We presented to Mme Bubela's class.  We then had more presentations today.  They will continue tomorrow.

French 8

We went over the homework.  We reviewed the possessive adjectives we were using as seen in our notes and on text p 136 and worked on activity 5 on page 138.  Here are some sample answers:
We then created our own activity with the school supplies of our choice.  If you were away, use the names and supplies in the picture provided and write the sentences necessary to say what everyone has.