Monday, June 11, 2018

Monday June 11


We started doing amazing races today.  We are taking notes on what we saw, where it was, what type of site we visited and when done the race, we took notes on any of the attractions we saw that we will want to write a journal entry about for the final project.  If away, use this sheet to track your thoughts on, or make a similar one.  I will not be collecting this sheet, it is for you to remember ideas and details you find, when done the tour, to use on your journal entry assignments.

French 9

We worked on il faut a lot today, doing a speaking assignment with it for marks on how to make a ham sandwich:
Il faut prendre une tranche de pain
il faut mettre un peu de mayonnaise
il faut ajouter beaucoup de moutarde..... etc.

Tomorrow we start more in depth with DEVOIR

French 8

We went over avoir, etre and pets today.  Homework is to do the following activities  GV p 75 #14,  and p 76  #15 writing the sentences of the first 5 of activity 14 and the first 8 of activity 15 that you know the answers to.  Wednesday will be a test on Avoir and Etre forms like on your verb chart.

French 12

We went over the homework from the G and V.  We then started the Qui/Que booklet, reading page 18 and 19 at the front.  We then did p20 aloud and did #4 p 21 writing in the answer.  Homework is to do the first two questions of activities 5 and 6.