Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday June 12

French 9

We did one more practice activity with il faut and devoir + infinitive. (GV p 180 #22 write the odd sentences that match together out in full).   We then had a lesson with commands and did one practice activity, see the picture of the command notes and the GV page. 

We then took down the requirements of the amazing race assignment. We briefly looked at a sample and will do more with that sample on Thursday.

French 8

We went over notes on adjective agreement, see me for the handout if you were away (page 1 and 2 only if you are looking at the link).  We added this to the back of the sheet of notes, underlining the changes.We then practiced with four of our own family members using the layout on Text p 159 #3.  Homework is to write out your answers:
C'est ma mère, Beth.
Elle est belle.


We went through a third or more viaje maravilloso to find locations to our liking.  We discussed our requirements for the double block day presentation of this assignment. See the pictures below for the requirements and for suggestions of what can be added in and around the site you chose.  There will be no more class time to choose sites to visit or to research things around them.  Students will have to make time for that on their own or between other work.  Lessons on the past tense will start tomorrow along with the writing of journals.