Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Tuesday June 5


We finished presentations today.  We then worked on our list of commands and researched.

French 9

We did more presentations today.  We took down the forms of the verb Prendre and two activities on it are for homework:
Text p 310 for the forms and activity 4 and 5 from that page and page 311.  Write the sentences.  Notice that in activity 5 you need only know the word "la voiture" for car, not the other modes of transport.

French 8

We went over the homework using a group system and giving the most successful a bonus mark for the last test.  We then took notes on "AGE" using avoir.  Finally students did activity 8 on page 140 aloud.  No homework today.

French 12

We kicked off our scavenger hunt unit today! Check out the pictures on Fresh Grade.  No homework.