Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wednesday June 13

French 8

We went over today's homework after having the etre/avoir test.  We then practiced pronouncing and noticing m/f changes of adectives on the handout from yesterday.  At this point we moved to the book for an activity that students are finishing for homework: Text p 161 #5.  Use any adjective from our sheet or the text p157 to describe these people (as in the model).

French 12

Notes on etre expressions and commands.  Time to plan out the hunt.


We filled in the past tense (preterit) on page 4 of the verb chart, as well as hacer on page 5.  Please use the reference pages in your text to find the preterit of these verbs and fill them in if you were away. (starting on text p 551-A5)
We then worked on making a list on infinitives for the actions we want to use for our 3 journal entries.

French 9